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The Astria Oboe Trio was founded in 2009 by Eric Speller, Dimitri Mestdag and Yf Bourry. The three soloists possess a wide repertoire, ranging from the baroque period to contemporary creations. Their three CDs were buried under superlatives at home and abroad.
The ensemble went on tour through France and Bulgaria, and played numerous successful concerts and performances.
Since the beginning, Astria Oboe Trio has been a trendsetter in the field of stylish programming. Their trademark is to give the classic oboe trio a different face. Original arrangements, crossovers with theater, shows with video art, and concerts in collaboration with other ensembles or at surprising locations are part of the creative vision and fresh approach.
July the 5th in La Plantation Concert Hall
阿斯特里亚双簧管三重奏于2009年由Eric Speller, Dimitri Mestdag和Yf Bourry创立。这三位独奏者拥有从巴洛克时期到当代广泛的曲目。他们的三张唱片受到了国内外的高度称赞。

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